Rent to Own Sellers

The Facts and Why You Should Consider Lease Optioning Your Home

First the Bad News…

America is in one of the worst housing crisis in history. According to Zillow, 70% percent of all homes in the United States have lost value in the past 12 months. And according to a recent report by Reuters, “The percentage of U.S. homeowners who owe more than their house is worth will nearly double to 48 percent in 2011 from 26 percent…” In the same report, experts are predicting houses to decline another 15% through 2011! Some markets in the US have seen prices drop 67% from their peak!

Rent to Own Memphis

A recent study indicated that the recent mortgage meltdown and liquidity crisis have eliminated more than 200 multi-billion dollar lenders, and more than 3,000 available mortgage loan products. Current lending guidelines now disqualify more than 75% of the buyers in the marketplace who were qualified for a mortgage just 12 short months ago. In fact, for every 1 qualified buyer out there looking for a home, there are 9 sellers! Never has it been that high before.

Now more than ever, Americans are seeking alternatives to conventional bank financing to obtain their dream of home ownership.

The Good News…

We Can Help You

Sell Your House FastWhat would you think if we could:

  • Help move your property in a short period of time without a real estate commission.
  • Put good people in the home who will take care of it, as if it were their own.
  • Stop your financial hemorrhage (in the case of vacant property with mortgage payments).
  • Start getting positive cash flow, instead.
  • Eliminate almost all of your management “headaches.”
  • Sell the property for a decent price in the near future (usually within a year or less).
  • Help to keep IRS from dipping so heavily into your profit, ethically and legitimately.

We can save you money, help you sell your house faster, and get you full price!

Virtually every seller we talk to would prefer to sell their home than rent it. We understand! The reality of today’s market is that a quick sale may not be possible. Still, you have options beyond just renting your home to someone who isn’t committed to owning a home.

What would you say if we could show you how to get full price for your home, not pay any Realtor commissions, get above market rents, not worry about maintenance and repairs, and get on-time rent every month? Why not Lease Purchase your home to someone who desperately wants to own a home, but can no longer qualify?

The best part is that you risk nothing by enrolling your home in our Lease Purchase Program. You may continue marketing your home, and if you sell or rent before we do then you owe us nothing!

We know you might be thinking – why let you lease my home for me when I can do it myself and pocket the option money?

We believe that we can help you lease your home quicker and to a better tenant-buyer than if you go it alone. Because we are marketing so many homes, we have an enormous database of clients who are looking to Lease Purchase a home right now. We currently have more people wanting homes than we have homes! There is a huge imbalance between the supply and demand of Lease Purchase homes. In fact, only 4% of all homes listed for sale on the MLS right now are available for Lease Purchase.

Our tenant-buyers aren’t just looking for somewhere to move – they are looking to turn their lives around and they are serious about home ownership. If they aren’t serious, they aren’t a candidate for our program.

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